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  • 3 Bedroom Apartment in the Center of Moniya, Ibadan

3 Bedroom Apartment in the Center of Moniya, Ibadan


Invest in 3 bedroom housing units, fully equipped and convenient.

  • Location: Moniya Ibadan
  • Landmark: Train terminal, IITA
  • Accessible road
  • Water
  • Calm environment
  • Good longterm investment.

The site is situated at the Council Bustop, before Moniya garage, Ibadan. It’s actually a 5-minute drive to the railway station connecting Lagos and Ibadan.

This property is an ongoing development of a 4 unit 3 bedroom semi-furnished apartment. It’s a duplex/story building on a land of about 600sqm.

I currently own and supervise this construction project alongside expert engineers and builders. In addition, all documents were obtained from certified professionals and all statutory duties were duly paid to the government.

The construction is half completed(just the first floor, its block wall, roofing, and some finishings remaining), and we’re selling 2 out of the 4 units 3 bedroom apartments.


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